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The Center for Economic Development (CED) is a non-governmental think tank in the economic policy area, established in 1997.  It is the successor to the Economic Group at the New Bulgarian University, active since 1996, and the Working Group on Privatization, established in the summer of 1997.   The Center for Economic Development has clearly defined its goals.  It actively contributes to Bulgaria’s economic development and achievement of sustainable growth, plays a key role in formulating economic policy options and in promoting public debate on major economic issues; fosters cooperation between the public, private, NGO sector, and educational institutions in addressing and resolving economic problems.

The Center for Economic Development has succeeded in gaining the position of a leading economic policy research organization in Bulgaria.  It achieves its goals and objectives through various tools and numerous activities.  It carries out economic research, analysis and elaboration of current economic legislation; develops economic policy options, advocates for proper implementation of policies and promotes the exchange of ideas and information among experts community; increases public awareness through the dissemination of findings; organizes workshops, conferences, and other public events.

CED efforts are proactively focused at shaping Bulgaria’s economic policy, at assisting economic reforms and establishing a functioning market economy in the country. The Center’s consistency and determination to accomplish its goals is obvious in the priority areas:

  • Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy and Economic Growth.
  • High Tech Development.
  • Small and Medium Size Enterprises.
  • Infrastructure: Energy, Telecommunications, Transport.
  • Privatization and Restructuring of the Economy.
  • Corporate Governance.
  • Social Policy. Pension Reform.
  • Financial System. Taxation and Fiscal Policy.
  • EU Accession. Regional Cooperation. Foreign Economic Relations.
  • Economic Statistics.